“The great peril of our existence lies in the fact that our diet consists entirely of souls”

This collection is a reflection on the wisdom of the mountains and the resourcefulness of humans and it is inspired by the theory of animism which states that all people, animals and even geographic features such as mountains and lakes possess a spiritual essence.

Stone camouflage prints connect the animate and the inanimate with their visual complexity inspired by the structures and textures of stones, minerals, and mountains. 

The collection incorporates modern statement pieces referencing both historic work wear and uniform details and research into the visual identity found in functional garments like the anorak. 

Creating garments inspired by workwear generates a special though process that forces you to accurately control size, shape, and weight together with carefully choosing fabrics that will perform well under difficult circumstances. This helps to make garments with an emphasis on sustainability, high quality, and heritage which are key elements when designing the garments of the future. These different elements make it possible to tell an interesting narrative about personal identity in a global environment