This collection is a contemplation on the human desire to detect patterns and seek connections and meaningfulness in them. Our sensory processes recognize visual symbols and the way we interpret them is heavily influenced by our history and cultural familiarity with these symbols. Everything is a reflection of something else. 

The collection consists of 6 silhouettes that show a trompe l’oeil play with sharp tailoring and geometry. The colorful textiles are digitally printed with abstract patterns that are generated using custom software. Using symbols as input and taking them out of their cultural context to explore the tension between originality and identity to defamiliarize the viewer while challenging him to seek new meaning in the abstract patterns. 

Pattern recognition seeks to create an experimental future that shows that the creative process no longer rests with the individual. Adding up the application of geometric shapes, familiar forms, and tonal repetitions the designer creates dresses that show how we are shaped by our environment just as much as that we shape our environment.